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Article Submitter Plus is an automated article submission software. Just one click, submit your articles to high-quality websites and get backlinks. Download v2.0 (July 11, 2019)
The free version has two restrictions:
1. You can only import 10 articles at one time.
2. Your article can only be submitted to 2 websites.
Purchase a license key to remove the restriction.
One time payment, free support and upgrade. You can instant access it after paid.
Article Submitter Plus

Import your Articles List

In the [article list] tab, click 'Import Articles' button to import a list of articles to be submitted from your local computer. You can select multiple articles at a time. By default, the title and the body of the article are automatically separated by the first newline. If your article does not have a newline, the first sentence is used as the title. Your article supports html format.

Pending websites list

In the [Site List] tab, it shows all the pending article websites list, and currently support submit to more than 50 article sites (we will continue to add new sites). If you are using a trial version, currently only support submitting to 2 sites, please purchase a serial key to cancel this restriction.

One-click submission

There are two options in the [Submit Option], 1. Submit All. When this option is selected, all articles in the article list will be submitted to each article site. 2. Submit One, when this option is selected, an article will only be submitted to an article website. Everything is ready, click the Start button and start right away.